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Speakers and Club activities
What IS Rotary ??
Alex Rotary Fees
What does Rotary cost? Our full members pay $150 every 6 months to support Rotary International (RI) causes. The only other cost is club breakfast, which can cost between $5 - $12 at the Alex Surf Club. 
In return you get to hear great speakers, meet like minded good citizens, find out what's going on around the world and local communities. By being part of a Rotary club you get involved in community and youth projects, some of them fundraising. Proceeds from fundraising are donated to  community causes suggested by the members. Some years we have donated  >$25,000 to local community. 
Friends of Alex, who are basically folks who volunteer to help out or attend very occasional Rotary meetings, pay $20 pa.
On joining, there will be a one-off cost for a personalised club shirt and badge. 
Alex Rotary WorkLife Coaching Program 
Helping save lives in Uganda. See YouTube video
Rotary News Feed
John Sever a champion of polio eradication dies

Rotary member John Sever’s work to end polio spanned decades and was marked by unwavering determination and resolve.

Rotary recognizes President Emmanuel Macron for France's commitment to a polio-free world

Rotary recognizes President Emmanuel Macron for France’s commitment to a polio-free worldPARIS (4 May 2024) – Rotary International presented its Polio Eradication Champion Award to French President Emmanuel Macron

Stand by me: The value of peer to peer support

On TikTok and on campus, students with mental health struggles are finding support among each other.

Climate therapy

As a warming world takes a mental toll, collective action can help ease eco-anxiety.

The provider pipeline

When a hospital system in Colorado declared an emergency on youth mental health, Rotary members stepped up.

Rotary helping you transition to work
Here is a link to the complete WorkLife booklet developed by Alex Rotary as a mentoring guide to anyone starting work for the first time. (Also not a bad read for anyone going back into the workforce who would like a bit of inspiration and advice. 
We've also found that local businesses use it as a friendly support for their employees to help discussions along on the importance of work, (and how to be happy at work while making the boss happy!!)
Club Executives & Directors

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland

Exciting News for All Our Swimmers!

We are thrilled to announce that every swimmer who participates in our event automatically enters a chance to win a $1,000 Rip Curl Voucher! 
This exclusive opportunity is open to the first 300 swimmers who register for the event.
Don't miss your chance to dive into this amazing offer. Secure your spot early and be one of the first 300 registrants to not only enjoy an incredible swim experience but also to potentially enhance your wardrobe with the latest Rip Curl gear.
Best of luck, and we can't wait to see you make a splash on swim day!
We meet every Wednesday morning at 6.45 for 7am breakfast meeting at the Alex SLSC.
Guest speakers, catch up with what's happening in your community, amazing beach views, and kiosk breakfast. 
Club News

On the Sunshine Coast we are lucky to have many community minded business people who are willing to support local causes and help folks who need a hand up.

We also have a precious brand in Rotary who are known for being the force behind so many life changing local and international projects. We pride ourselves on "making a difference" whether it be Eradicating Polio on the global stage, or a women's refuge makeover locally.

So we are delighted to support Inclusive Kids this year as part of our Solstice Swim event with the amazing Alex Surf Life Savers team.
We'll be acknowledging the support of all local businesses in a later newsletter and in media etc. but meanwhile please be aware that we only have until the 23rd May to find local businesses who are interested in what Alex Rotary does and would like to support our fundraising for Inclusive Kids.
On Wednesday Ray spoke to the club about how he has been toiling away at improving Alex Rotary's social media presence. We've noticed an increase in traffic through our Facebook pages for the Club, Solstice Swim and our website. 
We're also on Instagram and LinkedIn so check us out and leave a few likes and share with a few hashtags (#)
Well done Rayyes

Noosa Rotary establish MOU with Salvation Army and need our help

Phillip Smith from Rotary Noosa Daybreak club was our guest speaker on Wednesday and we heard about the efforts of that club to help with the homeless situation on the Sunshine Coast. Phillip spoke about some of the myths about homelessness and how it was affecting older folks, especially women on the coast.
The need for shelter for folks on the coast is great and Noosa Daybreak recognised straight away the limitations of their club, and so reached out to those at the "coal face"..Salvation Army and established a Memorandum of Understanding that met their Rotary Clubs ambitions.
So a fund has been established to help the homeless that is 100% going to that cause. 
Well done Phillip and Noosa Daybreak. 
Fuel for School
The club was delighted to receive an invite from Inclusive Kids to their inaugural food packing program that the club is supporting. It's on this Friday between 5-6pm and we will be represented by:
President Tony
Ray B and Lee
Angela and Wendy
Tim & Monique 
Geoff and/or John (TBC)
There will be more opportunities to help out with the Fuel for School once the program is up and running and a certain scribe has noted the uptick in swim sponsorship and swim registrations so he is quietly confident that the club will hit all our targets that we set for this amazing Inclusive Kids program. 

Club membership grows from strength to strength

Are we the fastest growing Rotary club in the district? Thats the question that was asked after two consecutive weeks of couples induction at Wednesday's breakfast meeting in the Alex SLSC.
President Tony was there to do the honours and induct the two latest members Alistair and Holly to the club, in our new refurbished downstairs room. 
Holly and Alistair were given their shirts and members pack, badge etc. that now includes a welcome letter that explains a little bit of the Alex Rotary club history. Here's a pic below of our latest members with their sponsor Les and President Tony.
Welcome Holly and Alistair to Alex Rotary and what is possibly the fastest growing Rotary club in the District. !!
A certain scribe notes that club membership is at an all-time high and up 30% from about a year ago. 

Raffle goes ballistic

What started out with a steady flow of raffle donations during the week went crackers over the last few days. First there was a beautiful hamper from our honorary member Fiona Simpson, then Les excelled himself with a $1,000 Rip Curl Voucher, then not to be outdone Paul Morton jumped in with. Z Grill Smoker and a $500 BCF voucher. 
Well done guys, that will certainly help with the fundraising...

Olivia steals the show as Brightwater says Thank You to Alex Rotary 

Monique, Tony and John attended the Brightwater School assembly during the week to accept the thanks from Steve and the kids involved in the "Bike Project".
Also present were reps from The Salvation Army. Why? Well it turns out that the Bike Project has been so successful that the kids are now donating the refurbished bikes to the SA for their clients and shops to help others. Isn't that just fantastic! What started out as an idea from Steve, Skye and Monique as an activity to help the kids has now resulted in them helping others. Brilliant, well done everyone involved. 
But we need to make a special mention to CycleZone in Mooloolaba who have been amazing in helping out the project with all sorts of parts and accessories to make the whole project work. Well done Cyclezone Mooloolaba, just great to know that there are businesses that are helping the less fortunate in the community. 
Readers might also also notice that the "our extra-ordinary raffle ticket seller" Olivia is centre stage - as she is School Captain and gave a nice speech and helped out with other awards that Brightwater handed out to their exceptional students..
Our great helpers
Here's some of the folks who help us with community fundraising, and who we help in the community.....
Rotary / USC Community Fund
Make a difference - Donate 
Rotary is run by volunteers and Rotary is always in the top 5 most effective charities in the world.
You can be sure that your dollars go to where they are needed. 
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