A new membership option
Alex Rotary is proud to offer an alternative to our traditional membership model via the newest Rotary club on the Sunshine Coast!
The Rotary Satellite Club of Alexandra Headland - Sunshine Coast Passport is designed for time-poor young professionals and others who want to make a difference in the community.
The intention is that  ‘Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary’ will continue its growth and eventually charter as a standalone Rotary club.
Meetings are being held in a social setting on the 4th Sunday of each month, with an online business meeting on the 2nd Monday.
The Satellite club is an extension of Alex Rotary

A Satellite club is a Rotary club but does not have a “charter”.  The constitution of the Sponsor club, Alex Rotary in this instance, provides the framework for the Satellite club which is semi-autonomous within that framework.

The Satellite has a different meeting experience or format, and offers service opportunities and membership experiences that appeal to a smaller, focused group.

A new experience in Rotary

'Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary' is a satellite of the Alexandra Headland Rotary Club but shares the ideals embraced by ‘Passport’ clubs.  Rotary International has endorsed many new forms of club types, and members have the same rights and privileges as Rotarians in traditional clubs.

The ‘Passport’ model has these ideals:

  • Flexibility, affordability, accessibility and innovation
  • Fewer in-person meetings
  • A ‘passport’ to visit other Rotary clubs and take part in their activities and projects
It allows young professionals and others to make Rotary fit their busy lives, engaging in service in ways that fit their family, work and life commitments.
The structures may be different, but the underlying reason people become members of Rotary is the same - Rotarians are dedicated people who want to make a difference in their communities and in the world.
Passport ideals within a Satellite structure
Satellite club members are engaged in the volunteering efforts, service projects, social events and professional development activities that they are personally interested in in our local communities and elsewhere.
Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary is well known to many of the local Rotary clubs and other NFPs through its volunteering efforts.  Flexible, relaxed meet-ups are focused on volunteering opportunities and service projects.
The ideals of being innovative, and family-friendly appeal to young professionals and others who are busy in their businesses and with their families.
And ... members may use their 'passport' to visit other Rotary clubs anywhere in the world.
It is Rotary, but not what you may be expecting!