Rotary Youth Programs

Youth Programs

The Rotary Youth Programs have been hard hit by the lockdowns, but we have heard from the National Youth Science Forum, and they are offering 600 places Australia wide in 2021. 
Our club has a great history of sending senior school students of on this program, which really is a "life changing" event for those that are successfully selected. So as soon as we're able we'll be seeking expressions of interest from our affiliated schools. 
Also Rotary Youth Leadership has been cancelled for 2020, but stay tuned for more information. 
Likewise International Rotary Youth Exchange Program has been thrown into disarray with the travel restrictions, so its also a "wait and see" for the moment. 


Three Rotary Exchange Students through the years

We were extremely fortunate to one former and two current Rotary Exchange Students with us at Friday's meeting to hear feedback from Bianca's year in Spain and the many other European countries that she visited during her gap year. Check out Bianca's adventures on Facebook.
Our Honorary member Fiona Simpson MP, was there to add her support to this fantastic Rotary Youth program that adds so much to the development of teenagers and Fiona recalled her Youth Exchange year in Japan. 
Our Youth Exchange (outbound) student Bianca Aird, recently returned from Spain, spoke to the club about her experiences in Denia, and around Europe, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Budapest and skiing in Andorra and cave exploring in the Czech republic.
Meanwhile our inbound student, Amy Fris from Denmark is half way through her year in Australia and was also there with "Rotary Family" Stuart and Karen. Incidentally, the Rotary Copenhagen club founded the Youth exchange program in 91927, and every year there are 9,000 Rotary Youth Exchange students around the world learning and experiencing different cultures around the world. This can only promote badly needed international goodwill and understanding. 
Fiona was a Rotary Exchange student, (just a few years ago) and spent her exchange time in Japan, and has fond memories of her time there. The "three amigo's" got together to share stories about their experiences and how the Rotary Youth Exchange has left them with many long term friends around the world. Bianca is now fluent in Spanish (Couldn't speak a word before she left) and in particular the dialect of Spanish that is spoken in the Valencia region - a mixture of Spanish, French and Italian!
How marvellous that Bianca has Fiona as a high achieving female role model to relate to and no doubt we will be hearing more from Bianca as she progresses through University.
Bob Thompson also reminded us that on his recent European tour he caught up with his Exchange "family" of 25 years ago, so thats testimony to the lasting nature of relationships formed through this great program.
Meanwhile you can also catch up with our (outbound) Youth Exchange Student Chloe from Mountain Creek and her adventures in Brazil through her facebook page. See our website ( for details on that link.  


Youth Safari

Ever wondered how Rotary prepares our future leaders for their international youth exchange year?
Well, a part of that is a Youth Safari experience where Bernie and her team take the kids to various Rotary clubs in the district to meet Rotarians and in that process establish friendships with each other to provide support in what will be a life changing ...but stressful year ahead. 
So it was that Alex Rotary hosted this years kids on Monday night at the Alex SLSC with lots of activities to let the kids have fun and enjoy themselves. So a big thank you to Graeme, Stuart and Carmel for looking after the kids, and no your not seeing things Bianca was also there to provide support and share her experiences as our Youth exchange student with the new crop of leaders of the future. 
..and it looks as though our fantastic MC on the night has not forgotten his "Headmasters pose"..... I have it on good authority that the Youth Safari team that Alex Rotary is one of the few clubs who engage the youth in game activity and that Bernie and the great youth team much appreciate the Alex Rotary "games night" and especially how Graeme and the team manage to get the teenagers to let their hair down. 
Well done everyone involved. And also a special thanks to Alex SLSC for their fantastic staff, and their donation towards the Youth Safari, it is much appreciated.