Rotary Care Garden
They say its never over till the paperwork is done, and thats true, but we can say that the physical work is done with John & Lol White bring the plants and the poo (don't ask) along on Monday morning and planting out the garden beds. One is a salad bowl, one herbs, and another an interesting mix.
So after getting the plants in, and instructions to Damo to keep them well watered, we removed the temporary fence and replaced with the permanent fence and said good bye to a fantastic cluster project. 
Lol white planting out the garden beds.
As I said on Friday, its been a fantastic project, and could not have been done without the help of Rotarians and Rotoractors, 
So all thats left to be done is the paperwork, and a big thank you to everyone involved. And finally, your club received the Brett Mitchell Memorial TRF grants award at our handover dinner, which we accepted on behalf of the clubs and individuals whoo made this fantastic back yard possible, and left a legacy of fond memories for the kids who will be using it. 
This is how the  garden looked last Friday when we gathered to officially handover our good work over the past year to IFYS. There was a big crowd there from Rotary, IFYS and other supporters to see what all the fuss has been about, some seeing the changes for the first time.
We've almost completed the initial garden concept as envisaged by Bridget with only a raised garden bed area to be put in just as soon as the ground conditions are dry enough to allow equipment to make the foundations. 
District Governor Darryl Issepi, Vicky Meyer, Business Development Manager IFYS and CEO Tony Pignata.
The deck at the back of the garden. A brilliant retreat away from the home where residents can relax while the kids play basketball on the new court, or in the cubby house, or trampoline. As Tony Pignata said, this is now a place where kids can play safely and make many happy memories. 
We're expecting a good roll up at Landsborough on Saturday 2nd February for our second working bee in the Rotary Care Garden.
We're now into stage 2 of the Project, the pergola is up, the tiling is done, the new BBQ is operational (thanks Darryl) the lighting is done, and power has been laid down to the new deck and cubby house area, the ball court was completed over Christmas, Buderim Mens shed completed the garden beds, now delivered, as has also some of the garden furniture.
So all we need now is some arms and legs to do some planting and landscaping, maybe some grouting and some path laying on Saturday and we're well on our way to finishing this project. 
If you can make it, please let Errol know. 
Here's some pics of the garden FYI

Rotary Garden Progress