International project in Sri Lanka

(Edited from Skye's old exchange clubs message).

"For the first time in the clubs history, RC Haunt -Maintal, together with the Rotary Club of Alexandra  Headland are supporting a Sri Lanka relief Project. The.two clubs jointly donated $5,000 that will help a family in Beruwala get their own house.

The relief project in Beruwala has been supported by the Main-Kinzig constituency and the county council A.D Karl Eyerkaufer.

Eyerkaufer now received the donation cheque that was presented to him by President Werner Supine and past president Norbert Reichold at the club meeting.

Eyerkaufer thanked both clubs for their commitment. 

The connection to Australia came through our former exchange student @skyemiller past President of the Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland.