NYSF Student comes to say hello

At the AGM we ere delighted to meet Lilly Thomas for the first time after Graeme and Wendy had recommended Lilly for the Rotary program.
And here's our President for next year Geoff presenting Lilly with her Alex Coffee cup. We'll see more of Lilly, and before she returns to tell us all about her adventures at NYSF, but because she has already volunteered to help out at Christmas at Alex on Sunday. 
Lilly Thomas goes to NYSF with Alex Rotary support

Rotary Exchange Students come to Visit

And continuing with the youth  theme at the AGM we were delighted to welcome Bernie and Peter and the Youth Exchange students from the district at our Wednesday meeting.

Here is former Rotary Youth Exchange Student Fiona Simpson, receiving a thank you certificate. 

..and here are the Youth Exchange Students all set for their year of adventure with Rotary families overseas.