Clean Up  Australia Day

Alex Rotary has hosted the Clean Up Australia Day for the past 20+ years and we’re pleased to continue that tradition on 3rd March at Wilkes Park. This year we’re hosting a sausage sizzle for our volunteers, so please come along for bit to eat, a chat, and do our bit to clean up the beachfront area between Mooloolaba and Maroochydore. 

Truth to be told, there is never a lot to clean up, the foreshore and beach get a lot of attention from volunteers and the public generally are very supportive. 

But it wasn’t always that way. 

Not so long ago the club used to collect about 20 full bags of rubbish and some large pieces too. But nowadays folks are more conscious of littering, and in large part that is due to the folks and supporters at Clean Up Australia. 

Here's a team from the past..


There is a saying that you accept what you walk past, and Rotary have a saying that we want “make a difference” …so for all those years Alex Rotary have been making a difference, not only by cleaning up the front, but also by influencing folks who see the volunteers wearing gloves and carrying the bright clean up bags walking the ground and picking up all sorts of rubbish.

The young folks in particular are influenced by this, who see Rotarians (and others) taking a practical interest in their environment. This example by Rotarians and like minded citizens encourages them to do the same.

So well done past and present Rotarians for setting an example and contributing to improving the environment and setting an example for the future. 

If you want to volunteer, and have a snag with club members and volunteers, then click on this link, or just turn up at Wilkes Park (kiddies play park area) BBQ on Sunday 3rd march between 7-8am.

Reading Words

Recent news that one third of kids cannot read properly has highlighted the literacy problem in our younger generation.

In a small but important way Alex Rotary is facilitating improvements in this area. Through Susie Rasmussen’s (Mooloolaba Rotary) connection with a school librarian friend Alex Rotary is able to benefit Care Outreach and IFYS’s “Inclusive Kids” program with donation of books.

Members may recall that a few months ago we made donation of toddler books and youth books to the Young Parents program.