Hi Folks,

Following a really, really busy Bunnings BBQ on Christmas Eve, we drew our raffle, or rather the Christmas elf (The amazing Nicola) drew the raffle ...see below


and you will note that our very own Rae turned out to help out despite only having one functioning arm. What a trooper. 

And it was especially pleasing to see where first and second prizes of the Christmas raffle went. The first prize of the pop up paddle board went to Phillip and his two little girls will make the most off that prize over the holidays !!


Then second prize, donated by Mooloolaba Cyclezone went to Amanda, who's son had just had his 7th birthday and would now have an extra surprise on Christmas Day...​​​​​​​



Last meeting of the year

Unfortunately John L was recovering from Covid and unable to attend his formal induction into the club, but good news, John is well and has volunteered for Sunday's BBQ at Bunnings Maroochydpre.
Fortunately Wendy had the foresight to create a Christmas quiz, which modesty forbids me from noting who won.
We did have the a few other formalities, with Tanya awarding the club,  and our very own Naomi, with certificates of appreciation for their work for the community.
Big thanks to Wendy for the Freddie frogs and mince pies. 

...and although we had a few missing members we managed to fill up the camera with our club Christmas photo. 

Bunnings and Raffle reminders

Big thanks to those who helped out at "Christmas at Alex" and Bunnings at Christmas Eve, and really BIG thanks to those who are turning up on the 14th for more "punishment" .

Many others would have helped had they not had other commitments.

For all members, you will have seen the devastation in Caiirns region, and the club has hurriedly sent off some funds to help, and President Tony has been in touch with Rotary Clubs in the region who are helping their community and has asked them directly what they need. 

More details below of what's needed below from our mate Charmaine who has been in touch with her friend Birtle from Bli Bli Castle who has  arranged a container of goods to be sent to Cairns with essential needs...


From Birtie...

FNQ and Cairns are in Crisis.

"Act now! 
We have a Container in the carpark at the Sunshine Castle - ready to fill and were working on getting it up there ASAP.
What is needed most? Because we want to only take the most crucial items!
We need help to logistically make this work!
Here is what we are accepting:
Bottled Water (a crate from Whites IGA confirmed)
Ready to eat non perishables - for pets too!
Toilet Paper
Basic toiletries
Basic Cleaning Products
Basic kitchen Equipment- no breakables or electricals
Basic first aid
Basic Tools 
We need to pack this container quickly and efficiently and it needs to be transportable.
Please pack everything you are donating in a box and have it ready to go with a label on the outside - stipulating exactly what's inside. 
Feel free to send a message of support with your donation ❤️
We cannot accept random - not easily packable items - this is a first response project - efficiency is key. Let's keep it simple and quick. No bulky, electrical or used stuff please...we are even saying no to clothing, toys and furniture! 
This can happen in another project and not here.
Castle gates are open from 10am to 4 pm for drop offs. 
We currently do not have volunteers or staff to process donations - therefore please help by doing exactly what we ask. We are looking for a few volunteers to help with this. Please private message admin.
We want the container packed by Thursday.
For larger donations in the form of crates etc - pls contact admin to organise.
Gather your troops and do a box together...that would help.
Share and care
Thank you to #Claytonstowing for the very quick help with a container...
This is a work in progress - please understand - as we grow into the process.
Let's get this done Sunny Coast ❤️

Folks say thanks Alex Rotary 

The club has had some welcome feedback from the community. 

This from Inclusive Kids...

I would like to express gratitude on behalf of the numerous children and youth who are aided by Inclusive Kids throughout the year, especially during the holiday season. Your support plays a crucial role in bringing joy to the disadvantaged kids and young individuals residing on the Sunshine coast. This year, they will experience a different Christmas, one that highlights your generosity and demonstrates the genuine concern of the Sunshine Coast community towards them. Your benevolence is immensely valued, and we extend our warm wishes for a secure and joyful Christmas and New Year to you and your loved ones.
Letitia Bowman ‑ Inclusive Kids

This from Chris Vorbach at Alex SLSC ....

The team are an inspiration to our community.
Wishing you and all at Rotary a very Merry Christmas and an enjoyable New Year.
I look forward to assisting again in 2024.
Kind regards
Chris Vorbach

and this from Urban Angels...

Hello everyone, 
Firstly, I must apologise to everyone for only getting to this email now. It’s been a huge couple of weeks for Urban Angels and for me personally.
I just wanted to thank everyone who helped create the wonderful event that was our Christmas Party…it all went very smoothly, like a well-oiled machine! A few of our visitors who didn’t know anyone, told me that our team engaged with them and made them feel very welcome. What a gift! I could commit an entire chapter to talking about every little and big thing that each of our staff and volunteers did to make it all come together.  However, I think I would still fail as there are so many contributions you all made that are difficult to quantify.   
Similarly, when I think about all we have achieved together collectively this year, what I see is that we are great together. There is immense power in a group of selfless, community minded people coming together for the greater good. We are all so different, and contribute in many different ways, yet there are many things that connect us to each other. We all know intuitively, that we can’t do it without accepting that each individual contributes at their own pace and level that works for them, that our differences are also what makes us strong. This is a great measure of our understanding of what is required to achieve what we do every day. The flexible, collaborative, inclusive way that we all work together in the kitchen; every small or large donation of product, time or money…we all seem to get that it takes all of us to do what we do.
I congratulate all of you once again on an extraordinary year of hard work, fun, laughter and generosity, the impact of which we can probably never really appreciate.
One thing is for certain, you are all doing very important work which creates a sense of community, connection and belonging for 1000’s of people.
We also know that our work is far from over. Who knows what challenges the new year will bring. Whatever they are, I am certain that with the foundations we have built together, we will meet any challenge.
I look forward to continuing this journey with you, with more enthusiasm than ever, in 2024.
I wish you and your loved ones, a very merry Christmas…may you get the opportunity to have a restful and restorative break and I look forward to seeing you again next year.
Yours in the kitchen

Our mates at MND have sent us a card...


Rotary Foundation says thanks too...for all those who helped



...and finally a Christmas message from our President

A great time of year to be with family, have fun, celebrate Christmas and holiday season …. And then drag in the new year too!!!
I am sure many of us will break the rules …. Don’t eat and drink too much!  That’s what it’s all about!
We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 10thJanuary when it all starts again.
Safe travels,  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Tony & Marilyn Freeman

PS....RARE are looking for help on 27th Jan