Erin & Steve from Brightwater pay the club a visit

Wednesday's guest speakers were Erin and Steve from Brightwater School, and we were treated to some amazing videos of Brightwater School, and Star TV by 3 young Brightwater students destined for a career in media by all accounts.  
Regular readers will know that following a suggestion from Anisha, other members we started to reach out for a school breakfast club project.
Next thing you know our amazing Past President Skye has it all in hand and things have now progressed with our support for the school's Bike Project led by Steve on Wednesdays and Fridays at the school.  
The plan is to build on the success of the bike program and then the breakfast club later. The club looks forward to being a part of that.
The breakfast club is in the planning and forming stage, so stay tuned as we stand ready to support this project .....which is something that Erin tells us will be very welcome with todays busy lives and cost of living pressures.... in making sure that the kids are all fuelled up for the start of their school lessons. 

Naomi's soiree delivers the goods 

Also at the meeting Naomi and her mates from Woods Real Estate and Alex Community Association filled us in on the success of the "Soiree" at the opening of their precinct on 6th avenue in Maroochydore. There was a big turnout of the event, and a lot of Rotarians, as well as our honorary member Fiona Simpson MP..... so what could be more natural than having a raffle?
Well, the good news is that the raffle made over $1,000 for the Alex Headland community, and Naomi split the receipts between the 2 clubs, knowing that the funds will be put to good use in Alex.
 President Tony, Naomi, Phil from Woods Property Agents, and Rhonda from Alex Community association, who many members will know from the "Christmas At Alex" celebrations. 
PS. Sharp eyed readers will notice that Naomi's spell checker doesn't kick in at 4 am..doh!
BIG thank you Naomi and Phil, you're champions!!

Flying Fish Swim school - Club offers spots to kids 

After discussions with  Scott at Flying Fish swim school in Maroochydore, the club is offering a limited number of complementary sponsorships to "intensive" swim school camps during the Christmas holidays. 

These sponsorships are from your clubs Solstice Swim proceeds, and the courses on offer are designed to help mums and dads who otherwise would not be able to put their kids through a learn to swim program at a swim school. 

BOSS Contracting coming to club

BOSS contracting are our latest corporate members and will be joining us as guest speakers at our next meeting.
Folks will remember that Trina and John came along to our breakfast meeting a few weeks back and said that they were looking for a way to engage with the community through a club.
We are happy to oblige and already the team at BOSS have contributed to our Young Parents Centre makeover in Maroochydore. 

Craig returns from Thailand in time to pick up a few jobs

This is the facial expression you have when you find out that Treasurer Wendy has dobbed you in for several jobs while you were swanning about on holiday in northern Thailand.
..and who knew the the Chicken Dance was also the Thai national haka?
Good onya Craig, or should it be Wendy? indecision

Pride of Workmanship contact reaches out to club

Your club has been approached by Cheryl Giles who members met at our last Pride of Workmanship dinner. Cheryl has been overseas to the Sherwood tea plantation in Sri Lanka and has asked the club if we can help some of the 30 families who live and work there with the provision of shoes and raincoats.
That request was well received and a we'll be seeing what we can do there.
Thank you Cheryl (from Grill'd burgers) for thinking of us. 

Equine Assisted Learning 

Your club has also been contacted by Caroline who works between Maroochy State High School and Nambour Special School.
Caroline has been involved with Equine Therapy for kids for the past 11 years. The venue that she now works from offers ARCH programs is at Equine Connection and Direction in Eumundi.
Folks might be aware that Mooloolaba Rotary also sponsor kids in this area, so we're checking in with them, and will see what we can do.
Stay tuned. 

Latest Coffee Catch Up Roster - and don't forget the selfie

 "no selfie?..... then it didn't happen".. Kym Kardashian

Alex Rotary Club is changing ....our internet address

There's moves afoot in your club to improve our digit footprint. (a certain scribe isn't exactly sure what that is, but throws it into every conversation whether relevant or not).
So Tim K and a certain scribe has reached out to stakeholders, in this case Sunshine Coast Council and Rotary District webmaster hoping that both will have an interest in helping your club reach and help others. 
Big thanks to Tim for leading this, and also Ray B who has put his hand up to help too. 
So shortly you'll notice that will be changing to
This should help search queries where a certain scribe gets emails from Egypt (Alexandria) and nearer to home Alexandra Hills...and also we're looking at best practice in websites and digital foot prints (sic) from other Rotary Clubs. 

Foot notes (pun intended) 

Special mention to those readers who added to the clubs contribution to the club's Care Outreach Christmas drive, and as mentioned the additional personal donations from members to top up the clubs contribution and direct donations from members and friends were very very welcome. BIG thanks. 

Did anyone notice?

A certain scribe missed our resident headmaster in Wednesday, as he was sure at least one person would have noticed the humour is last weeks newsletter..Not one comment, except that there was some relieved members that there were no more Aussie jokes. Sensitive souls. 
So can anyone recall the hilarious heading that went as a form of paronomasia  with the photo below?...
"Pearls before the proverbial" come to mind. At least Anthony liked one of the funnies. 

What is Rotary Doing in Australia?

Have a on the image to see what Rotary Foundation is all about..