AGM all over for another year and we've a new board..

The club meeting room looked stunning on Wednesday as the good fairy had been up early decking the halls with Holly/ Rotary pennants. Well done Geoff.
Dave noted the Japanese influence and croquet demon ( Tanya)  noted that there was a pennant from her old school district in NSW.
There are hundreds of Rotary club pennants that your club has collected over the years from visitors and guests and on their travels.  So a big thanks to all past members who collected them. 
and who is in the new board?
Geoff East - our new President
Phillip Gordon - our new secretary
Wendy Gilson - not so new treasurersmiley
Tim Kelsey - our brand new President Elect 
Skye Miller - Director and Past President 
Ray Burton - Director and another newbie
Monique Kelsey - Director and Newbie
Tony Freeman - current President and long standing club mentorsmiley
John Malloy - Director,   oldie,  Past President, secretary, etc. etc.  and club fixture. smiley