Young Parents Open Day Lunch 

At the IFYS Young Parents open day it was great to see and hear of the fantastic progress the IFYS Young Parents centre. Great strides have ben made since Tanya invited your club to become involved in its renovation at the start of the year.
There was a good attendance at the open day from club, BOSS, IFYS. But the highlight of the project was Naomi’s artwork and Boss’s jumping in to help with the flooring.
Recognition also for the great support from Nicola and Cam and Bunnings involvement, Mooloolaba Rotary painting and of course Val’s ginger slice cake must get a special mention as a highlight too.
JM’s efforts at assembling of the bookcase maybe not a lowlight, but certainly room for improvement. 
It's great to see that the centre’s programs are now been well attended and that the team are really pleased with the final look of the building. 
Here's Tanya welcoming everyone to the centre.."making a list a checking it twice...."
Gaby, Aleesha, Sarah and the rest of Tanya's team have really got the centre and the support programs off the ground and running, such that there are now waiting lists to join this great IFYS program. 
We were also treated to a Welcome to Country by Jaila Davis, which was a extra special, as Jaila made it so welcoming and that Jaila brought in lots of interesting Maroochydore information, (including the correct Maroochydore pronunciation!) but also it was her first public address, she handled magnificently.
Also our very own Fiona was there to acknowledge the great community work that IFYS does, and also the many other community organisations that the Young Parents program and centre bring into the support of young mums and dads. 
But the star of the morning was of course 1 year old Rosie who stole the show and was not at all fazed by all the adults in the room. Here's Rosie with a big smile for a certain scribe. Kids can tell the good people. It's a superpower they have.  
Rosie's mum spoke about the difference that Gaby and the team at the centre had made to her as a young single mum, and how supported and encouraged she had been through the process. 
Well done everyone involved, and a BIG thanks to Tanya for inviting Alex Rotary to be involved.
IFYS have proudly placed this plaque at the front of the centre to acknowledge the help of Naomi's Ocean art, BOSS, Bunnings, and Alex and Mooloolaba Rotary. 
..and here's the gang at the shaded area with Naomi's murals in background...

Diversity without Inclusion......... Meaningless?

Diversity is one of the pillars of Rotary, and Rotary believes that exemplifying and embracing diversity,  equity, and inclusion (DEI) should be a part of everything we do at Rotary. (  (Click for more info) from the website.
So it was quite extraordinary to hear an amazing  "Welcome to Country "at the Young Parents Centre so well delivered by Jaila.
A certain scribe could not help but reflect on the regular "Acknowledgement of country" that the meeting chairman does before every club meeting which is one of the ways your club celebrates inclusion and recognition of our Country and of course the Sunshine Coast communities history. 
Some time ago the club had a celebrity Sunshine Coast volunteer celebrity as guest speaker who said  "Diversity you get for free, but Inclusion you have to work at......because it challenges you to be your best". (Karis). 
But on a welcoming theme, our very own Dave has penned this note below for new (and existing) members following on from his recent very well received Rotary Minute in the club history,


Your club has a history of helping out at the Rotary Youth Exchange program events.
One of the Youth Exchange events is a "Safari" where the youth exchange students all get together and catch up before heading off to their various hosts and host countries. Covid put a bit of a stop on the YEP, but its back on.
In past years your club has hosted fun nights for the kids to let off some steam before the big year ahead.
Here's a pic of the last one Bianca Aird hosting her YEP mates at the Alex SLSC...

...and here's why the students are clapping ... an adult?? game organised by funsters Dave and Graeme..